Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Unless you have been living on a deserted island or under a rock, you should know  that social media can be beneficial to any business, big or small. In today’s world, it is a rarity for people not to be on social media, so it only makes sense that your business be too. Business owners and professionals are inundated on a daily basis by social media noise, but where’s the real value?

Our CEO and founder, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas dove deep to find that value, and she lays it all out in her book, ‘Social Media Strategy For Businesses’. Cutting through the online clutter and finding tangible tools to market your business on social media can be a chore -but it doesn’t need to be so difficult! We make it easy, and we’re willing to share with you how to get started today.

Read Chapter One of the newly published book, ‘Social Media Strategy for Businesses’ below and tune in each month for highlights of more chapters. And if you can’t wait that long in between each chapter highlights, you might want to go ahead and just buy the book now!



Excerpt from Chapter 1

“Current statistics show that the average attention span of a human these days is less than eight seconds. This means that your business must capture your target audience’s attention in less time than it takes to tie your shoe.

We live in an era where anyone can vie for attention and gain traction online. News can go viral, start conversations and inspire change like never before. So can information about products and services, if handled correctly.

My sister-in-law—an entrepreneur, runner, mom and all around rad human—has spent years cultivating a culture of women runners who follow her blog and social media channels. While she receives a lot of positive engagement, nothing was ever widely shared. Then she posted a picture of her post-baby body along with a blog regarding how we need to be open about physical changes experienced after pregnancy. The post went viral. To her amazement, it was shared thousands of times with people who in turn shared it thousands of times. The post was even picked up by multiple publications that shared it with their vast audiences. That’s the power of social media. It can present a topic or conversation to millions of people in a matter of days.

Why has social media become so influential? Let’s look at some statistics. Over 75 percent of all Internet users are active on social media, 56 percent of Americans have a profile on a social media network and 47 percent of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer when making purchases. These numbers should be enough to demonstrate the impact that social networks can have on your business. And the truth is, this probably isn’t news to you. After all, you are the one reading this book, so you’re a step ahead of the competition.”


Let’s face it - All businesses could utilize social media in some way. To finish this chapter and read about more strategies, tactics and ways to market in our technological era visit: https://www.listhomas.com/social-media-strategy-for-business-book

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