Establishing Industry Reputation Through Blog Distribution : A Case Study


Blogging was not foreign to Cairn. With a unique product in one of the largest consumer spending industries, Cairn needed a way to engage with their audience, outside of the product itself, in a way that would still benefit their brand.


Our team focused on content first, then identified a method of delivery. By building a strong blog calendar, the next step was to understand how to deliver it. Knowing the majority of Cairn’s engagement was through it’s social media channels, it stuck out as the perfect method to deliver blog content. We utilized the unique methods that Facebook and Instagram had to offer to deliver their blog content and optimized audiences and promotions that would drive the right audience to the right content.


Since the time of delivering new content, Cairn saw stronger content partnered with an audience that cares and trusts them as industry leaders.

Blog Content:

  • 136.10% increase in Pageviews

  • 57.93% Bounce Rate … a decrease from an average of 69.29

  • 1:03 Average Time on Page

Adventure Upgrade Content (Based on Averages):

  • 204.31% increase in Pageviews

  • 57.71% Bounce Rate … a decrease from an average of 71.62%

  • 0:44 Average Time on Page