Building up A Community Bank: A Case Study


Prior to merging First Interstate Bank (effective September 2017), Bank of the Cascades is a premier Northwest community bank. Offering full-service community banking through providing personalized relationship banking, and competitive financial products and advance technology, Bank of the Cascades was a true community partner and contributor to the markets they served.


Before our relationship with Bank of the Cascades, they had no Facebook presence, or other social media presence to speak of. Knowing the value of social media for financial institutions, and even more so for smaller, community banks, BOTC had a real need to develop its presence in the digital world, to expand its reach and grow brand awareness across the markets they served.


In 2014, we identified an opportunity to develop a social media strategy to help promote fan growth, engagement, customer service touch points and brand reach. We created a strategy to launch Bank of the Cascades into the world of social media.  


In the first year we saw excellent growth, most of which was fueled organically. The following year the growth continued and resulted in the following data points:

  • Fan growth by 83% over 2015

  • Impressions by 87% over 2015

Contest during 2015 helped increase Quarter Three by:

  • Engagement by 69%

  • Impressions by 136%