The Online Connection with Outdoor Enthusiasts: A Case Study


Between 2005 and 2011, the outdoor recreation economy grew by 5% annually *. The Industry supplies over 6 million jobs and the consumer annual spending is far more than the motor vehicle and parts industry or the pharmaceutical *. So, where does Cairn fit into this?

Cairn brings the great outdoors right to your doorstep. Based in Bend, Oregon, they have a reach that far exceeds their town and an online fan base to prove it.


The content that was driving engagement for Cairn was ad based and lacked a variety of inspirational content and outdoor expertise. They needed a content strategy that provided unique content to separate them from their competitors, and grow with the changing pace of social media audience interest.


In the Fall of 2016, we identified an opportunity to develop a social media strategy to help promote growth, engagement and fan awareness without conflicting with their advertisement messaging. After a compiling a competitive analysis and content strategy, we pushed for new content options that would bolster their social media presence.


We witnessed prominent growth with a driven purpose. We compared where their Facebook presence is now, to where they were a year ago over a three month span (May-July) in the following data points:

With only a 19% increase in content delivered.

  • 168% increase in Unique Impressions

  • 151% increase in Organic Unique Impressions

  • 188% increase in Shared Content

  • 38% Increase in Total Engagement


Without specifically targeting fan growth through advertising, Cairn’s Facebook fan base grew by 36%.