Authentic Growth On A Saturated Platform: A Case Study



With over 600 million global users, 400 million of whom access the platform everyday, Instagram is one of the most popular social channels. With the increase in growth amongst consumers and brands, it is becoming difficult to engage and grow your target audience in an authentic way.


Cairn adopted an Instagram presence early into its existence, however, common with all growing brands, the larger its audience got, the slower the growth of fans. A strategy was needed not only expand reach, but also engage and ultimately convert users into new Cairn fans.


In September of 2016, we developed a strategy to help increase reach amongst fans and friends of fans, the audience most likely to convert. Contests featuring social Influencers with large outdoor enthusiast audiences and product giveaways proved to be successful, increasing fan growth through fan WOM and action (liking, commenting, tagging, and sharing). Monthly collection giveaways still continue to drive growth, however one of the most notable was an outeractive activation with Andy Best. A scavenger hunt with hints from his page encouraged fans to get outside to find Cairn collections. Tagging tactics drove social users to the social pages while images from his page drove deeper brand awareness and engagement amongst his followers.


Growth percentages

  • 29% increase in average reach per post

  • 70% increase in average number of engagements per post

  • 114% increase in follower growth