Overleaf Lodge & Spa + Fireside Motel: A Case Study


A family owned business for over 20 years, Overleaf Lodge and Spa is Trip Advisor's #1 Hotel in Yachats. Since opening in 1997, the lodge prides itself on providing a premier Central Oregon Coast experience for it’s visitors. In addition to Overleaf Lodge and Spa, their sister property, Fireside Motel, is also in the top #5 hotels in Yachats.


We identified a lack of online presence, specifically regarding social media. We saw the need to expand awareness in a highly saturated market to remain competitive and continue to be part of the top 5 hotels in Yachats.


After completing a competitive analysis, we created a strategy to grow Overleaf Lodge and Spa and Fireside Motel’s presence in the world of social media and grow awareness of both businesses.


In the first year we saw exponential growth with the following results:

Overleaf Growth

  • Facebook Fan growth by 89%

  • “People talking about” grew by 634%

  • Engagement by 204%

  • Impressions by 194%

Fireside Growth

  • Facebook Fan growth by 92%

  • “People talking about” grew by 680%

  • Engagement by 299%

  • Impressions by 292%