Believe it or not, because of this crazy digital marketing world we work in, we’d never actually met our social media manager, data guru, and all-around analytics guy Misha Kerkhoff in person –until last month! So it was an exciting time when we finally flew him out from Indianapolis to snow-covered Bend, Oregon, to hang with the LTC team and see what the area has to offer–and have a few IPAs, of course. Here are his first impressions from spending 48 hours in Bend!


Bend was great! There was more snow in the first five minutes than I’ve seen in Indianapolis all “winter.” The town felt very quaint and homey with enthusiastic, friendly locals everywhere we went. A couple of places I liked were Crows Feet Commons and the Broom Closet at McMenamins. Those are the kind of places I try to find in Indianapolis.

I was surprised to see that there were a decent amount of exciting corporations like Hydro FlaskCairn, and the businesses in the BendTECH center, where we held many of our meetings. It’s not that we don’t have those in Indianapolis, but they are mostly software companies, marketing agencies, manufacturers, and shipping companies that aren’t the most “hip” compared to what Bend has to offer.

The beer scene was amazing! I didn’t have a single bad brew while in Oregon. I knew that there was going to be craft beer everywhere, but it still surprised me how many there were.

Bend as a whole was the perfect combination of outdoors and beer. Having such great access to the outdoors in your backyard is a completely different concept from Indiana, where if you do live outside of the city, it’s just cornfields and small ravines. I’ll definitely be back!