How To Determine The Best Social Media Networks


If anyone has ever told you that you need to be on every social media platform that exists, they would be lying to you or underinformed. There is a huge misconception that can actually hurt your business instead of help it--the misconception is that you need to be present on all available social media platforms. Most small to mid-sized businesses do not have the time or resources to be on every social media platform and do it well. But, you can still make social media work for you and your business!

Our CEO and founder, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas lays out the roles each social media channel can play for your brand in her book, ‘Social Media Strategy For Businesses’.

Cutting through the online clutter and finding tangible tools to market your business on social media can be a chore--but it doesn’t need to be mind-numbing or terrifying! We make it easy, and we’re willing to share with you how to get started.

Get a sneak peek from chapter seven of our book, ‘Social Media Strategy for Businesses’, and tune in each month for highlights from more chapters. If you can’t wait a whole month in between, go ahead and buy the book now!

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Excerpt from Chapter 7

“You do not need to be active on every social media network out there to increase your brand presence. In fact, for most small to midsize companies, it’s best to pick two or three channels that match the capacity and needs of your company and team. Unless you have dedicated staff able to manage multiple pages, pick a few channels that target your most valuable prospects and audience groups (more on this later). Then, work hard to provide these groups with valuable and engaging content that’s focused on them not you.”

Let’s face it - All businesses could utilize social media in some way. To finish this chapter and read about more strategies, tactics and ways to market in our technological era visit: