Establish an Effective Social Media Presence

So you know you need a social media presence, but aren’t exactly sure how to get the groundwork laid out to establish that presence? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! First things first--it all starts with a strategy. Your strategy is crucial, and it’s what will drive the success of your social media marketing efforts.

Our CEO and founder, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas lays out how to establish an effective social media presence in her book, ‘Social Media Strategy For Businesses’. Cutting through the online clutter and finding tangible tools to market your business on social media can be a chore -but it doesn’t need to be so difficult! We make it easy, and we’re willing to share with you how to get started today.

Get a sneak peek from chapter two of the newly published book, ‘Social Media Strategy for Businesses’ below and tune in each month for highlights of more chapters. And if you can’t wait that long in between each chapter highlights, you might want to go ahead and just buy the book now!

Excerpt from Chapter 2

“Research. Strategize. Build. Implement. Analyze.

These are the basic steps that you, your team, your marketing department and/or your intern (actually, please don’t terrify your interns by giving them this insanely important set of tasks) will need to execute prior to re-launching your super-amazing, actionable social media presence.

Yes, I’m sorry, you will actually need to do some work and look under the hood of your current digital marketing/social media efforts to create a presence online that not just one customer or client but multiple customers or clients want to interact with.

But this isn’t the real goal. Interaction with your core audience on social media should be a given or, better put, an innate goal on social media. What you really want, and yes, I’m willing to say this with some conviction, is a large and engaged group of brand loyalists who will love you no matter what, defend you to your haters (every brand has a few) and share, share, share your content!”

Let’s face it -

All businesses could utilize social media in some way. To finish this chapter and read about more strategies, tactics and ways to market in our technological era visit: Strategy For Business

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