Social Media Audit: Start With Competitive Research

It all starts with the research. It is the groundwork for everything you will do moving forward. For us in the marketing world, that research usually involves compiling a competitive audit for a client. We take everything we know about that specific client, and stack them up against their top 3-5 competitors, then analyze what they are doing that is working, and what they could be doing better.

Our CEO and founder, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas lays out how to research your online influence in her book, ‘Social Media Strategy For Businesses’. Cutting through the online clutter and finding tangible tools to market your business on social media can be a chore -but it doesn’t need to be so difficult! We make it easy, and we’re willing to share with you how to get started today.

Get a sneak peak from chapter three of the newly published book, ‘Social Media Strategy for Businesses’ below and tune in each month for highlights of more chapters. And if you can’t wait that long in between each chapter highlights, you might want to go ahead and just buy the book now!


Excerpt from Chapter 3

“An age-old saying states that the first step in solving a problem is the realization that a problem exists (I’m paraphrasing here—don’t judge). As such, when taking on a new social media client, my team initially digs into a deep, competitive research phase that dissects the client’s current social media work in comparison to their competitors or peers.

I have yet to meet a client who didn’t need (or learn from) this phase in order to build their social media strategy. (Let’s be honest; clients hire us, and you’re reading this book for a reason.) But I have pretty much always received push-back from the client prior to this step.”

Let’s face it - All businesses could utilize social media in some way. To finish this chapter and read about more strategies, tactics and ways to market in our technological era, click here.  

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