Build a Social Media Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is like your social media roadmap. Think of it this way, how are you going to go somewhere new without directions or a map to get you there? Same goes for social media strategy-- you’ve set your goals, but the only way to reach those goals is to have a strategic roadmap, a.k.a your editorial calendar.

Our CEO and founder, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas lays out all the reasons for why you need an editorial calendar in her book, ‘Social Media Strategy For Businesses’. Cutting through the online clutter and finding tangible tools to market your business on social media can be a chore -but it doesn’t need to be so difficult! We make it easy, and we’re willing to share with you how to get started today.

Get a sneak peek from chapter five of the newly published book, ‘Social Media Strategy for Businesses’ below and tune in each month for highlights of more chapters. If you can’t wait a whole month in between each chapter highlight, go ahead and buy the book now!


Excerpt from Chapter 5

“So, you might be wondering, Why do we need a social media strategy and an editorial calendar? Let me help provide some clarity. Say you’re a server at a restaurant (I was a server all through college, so this is close to home for me) and you take an order from a table, but you forgot your notepad. “Screw it,” you say. “I’ll just remember what they want.” But as the eight-person table is telling you their orders, which consist of a diabetic allergic to one ingredient, another guest who doesn’t want this but does want to add that on their burger, and another person who keeps ordering the table “more rounds of drinks,” you start to sweat. Reciting the order in your head, you walk back to the computer terminal behind the counter to type it in for the kitchen. Then halfway through putting the order in (restaurant terminology, sorry), you realize that you just can’t remember what one of the guests ordered. Worst. Feeling. Ever.”

Let’s face it - All businesses could utilize social media in some way. To finish this chapter and read about more strategies, tactics and ways to market in our technological era visit: Here

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